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Like good old days in the childhood, in the snow, on the sled, down the hill. Loads of speed to pick up here and whip it sideways through the keyhole. Currently the fastest course.

Track Briefing

First Inside Clip (IC 1) is your setup for the run and finishing clip as well. You're aiming to hit 5th or even 6th gear with some of the cars. Carry at least 90mph through that clip aka go ham. Then you flick in and carry through all the way into Outside Zone 1 (OZ1) keeping momentum (at least 40mph) through Outside Zone 2 (OZ2) and then scrubbing speed to hit Inside Clip 2 (IC2). After transition drag it out to Touch & Go (T&G) and then power it through the Inside Clip 3 (IC3) to finish off your run.


Saturday. 28st of May 6pm SLT

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