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Thanks for coming to the Off-Season Bash!

Thanks to everyone who showed up! We had loads of people turn up, so car meet went pretty darn well. Definitely gathered a crowd, we peaked at 34 people that came to show off their cars or just hang out.

On the other hand though it was meant to be more of a tandem than car meet event and sim didn't like having this many cars and avatars with high complexity so tandems were pretty laggy for a good while to anyone that did try it.

However half an hour later or so people cleared up to spectator area and all of the cars were gone. That's when some tandem action actually began. It was pretty fun but for the future we'll need a different approach for free-for-all tandem events.

On that note if you care for tandems and FD2 related stuff keep an eye on this website as the next time one of these bashes happen, it could be only announced on the website for those who are specifically looking for such opportunity. No car meet and less people, should reduce load on sim and tandems will go much smoother! So keep it in mind, as you never know when will the next tandem cult bash happen!

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