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Start of the Season 5 and Round 1 Winners!

Days before, Season 5 already looked promising if you came by for a sneak peek to see who practiced on the track. Apart from the DDC veterans, a handful of beginners threw in their practice runs and showed that they are absolutely ready for the championship - and hungry for the wins! The first round of 2022 was hosted at Long Beach and well attended. The stands were packed with spectators until the very end of the event. Also a warm welcome and a shoutout to the community members of KZ Pro Kart Series, GP1 and GTSS who came by to watch, and, of course, also to support their friend Eli who dipped a toe into the Daikoku Drift Championships for the very first time. Eli also collaborates with Daikoku for the Euro Winter Cup and World Championship of his kart racing series since this year.


Amongst 13 competitors, 5 rookies as well as 2 drifters in their second season lined up for the tandem battles. A competition well-balanced between beginners and veterans unfolded right from the event's beginning on, with some of the usual favourites being eliminated from competition in early stages already. Much to everyone's delight, the newer DDC competitors as well as our rookies surprised us by delivering celebrated runs.

LordRaTheGoat being one of our new competitors, made it right into the Top 8 after a fierce battle between him and Demarial, another rookie of Season 5. Reeno joined DDC last year from Round 2, finishing rank 7 in the season's standings of 2021. Consistent practice paid off: he battled his way up to 3rd place against Namkii, Yukiko and Eight. Very similar to Angel, who is a DDC competitor since Round 3 from last year with rank 13 at the end of the season, who finished his new season start by snatching a place on the podiums as well, battling his way up to the 2nd place against veterans Jerek and Eight.

And then along came her, raising like a phoenix from the ashes to show everyone how it's done, whenever it is time for Long Beach, California. Alone the mental pressure might have been too much for our rookies and beginners when they had to face her, even though it can be predicted already that we have to expect all of them to win numerous battles. Zhen, Eli, Reeno and Angel gave it everything but in the end, no matter how tired she is, the Queen of Long Beach left no doubt that she deserved that 1st place on the podium of her favourite track. The win goes to Kaga Takeda!


Find them in Season 5 Standings or click here.

Next Event:

Round 1 will be Road Atlanta! Event will take place on Saturday, 21st of May 6PM SLT!

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