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Round 8 Results and the End of the Season 2!

(Photo by Yukiko Yeshto)

Aaaand there it goes. You just blinked and Season 2 has already finished. Great season with even better drivers competing this year. Everyone's with much more knowledge and experience to prepare better for each track. To sum it up Round 8 had slightly less attendance than previous ones but we still had a good crack at it. Irwindale as always being the House of Drift heats up the atmosphere as we lay down our last runs for those last points to wrap it all up!

Your Round 8 Irwindale Motor Speedway winners are.. Mason who came in Third after Top 4 with more points under his belt. Following that we had Finals between Juanse and Luke with Luke taking the Second and Juanse grabbing his first time First place podium finish! That's overall a great finish for Urusai team sharing the top of the podium with Peerless name coming back on it, after a good while, as Mason brings it back up!

Here are the rest of the brackets!

Now we move onto the bigger picture. Formula D2 Season 2 Championship Winners! The final battle boiled between Yuki and Luke for the 2nd place as Jerek has already clutched the 1st in the previous round! We had the unbelievable happen and after we finished Round 8, points were added up and we came to an interesting conclusion!

Our top 3 looked like this! It is extremely unlikely there to be a tie this high up in the standings! In fact the only other tie in the standings occurs between 23rd and 25th positions and only because they competed in 1 round! So there we have it, a tie for 2nd place for the Urusai teammates! However that did not last long. Rulebook came into play and here by i qoute:

"CHAMPIONSHIP RANKING TIE BREAKING: If a tie occurs in the points standings- the tie breaker will be the finish rank of the most recent round. Example: Driver Y and Driver Z both have 212 points at the end of the season, Driver Y finished 14th and Driver Z finished 13th in the most recent round. Driver Z will be will be ranked above Driver Y"

With that figured out we commence to announce our winners and hand them out these amazing trophies made by Juanse.Zero! Championship points leader and winner for the Second time! Still not letting the title go and fighting for it and rightfully reclaiming is Jerek from Potato-D! Luke overtakes the second from his Urusai teammate Yuki with a marginal gap of 120 points for both from the championship points leader! Yuki fighting hard throughout the 2 seasons managed to climb to the top and finishes Third surprising everyone with her commitment and dedication!

(Photo by Yukiko Yeshto)

However, no one should feel left out! This time around we have some honourable mentions and beyond with everyone getting a trophy! Carbon versions of the trophy above belong to each and everyone of you as a Thank You for participating in 2019 Formula D2 Season 2 Championship and hopefully enjoyed your time as much as we did! Now for the honourable mentions!

4th goes to Mason! Fiercely fighting his way to the top..juuust short of reaching that final podium. None the less the battle is on as he holds clutch onto the 4th position all the way from the last year's Season 1 standings! The growing thirst is there and flame keeps on burning ready to step on that Championship podium next season!

5th goes to Eight Blinker! One of the dedicated competitors who also in fact stuck in the same position as the previous season! That is some right commitment coming from this one! Carries on searching, coming ever so closer yet not close enough to touch the big trophy!

6th goes to Kaga! Truly a marvel. She clutches 6th position in the standings after only attending half of the season. Incredible skill kept her always on the podium since the beginning of her time in the Season 2! Even though the early retirement, she still left a mark in Formula D2 history as one of the toughest competitors!

7th goes to Namkii! The fierce dedication is strong with this one! Pure example of commitment to fun having. No matter the position finished in, always there in every single round since the first season to throw it sideways and have fun! In fact so much that fun having tuck Namkii from last season's 9th position to the 7th!

8th goes to Juanse! Safe to say a master mind behind Urusai, ready to touch up with Juanpadakis hands every nut and bolt in team's cars. Competition however seems to be second in his mind with only 3 events competed in, yet each a high finish, on top of going from being 11th the last season!

9th goes to AC! Our most precise driver in the field. Consistency isn't even a word to describe him enough when he is 110% in it! Unfortunately he did not finish the season as strong with early retirement from Season 2. However last seasons 2nd place finish is far from unnoticed and forgotten.

10th goes to Todd! Your traditional car guy who decided to spice things up with Pro level competition. Always there with a smile to go all out in the tandem battles! That aside he decides to still take it nice and easy slurping his ramen in 10th position since the last season! Now that is dedication to keeping it chill!

Love goes out to all the rest of the drivers which this year we had 29 of! However can't carry these dedicated special mentions on forever. Gotta create something to work for here for all the rest as everyone in honourable mentions gets their own place trophy! The rest will get a competitors trophy which acts as a special thank you to everyone making this a great experience it has been! For those please contact Luke (farfaksiek)

That is it! the end of the 2nd Formula D2 Season and the start of a busy Off-Season. Time to get those rides redialled, rebuilt or even reinvented showing your creativeness potentially debuting with a new shiny FD2 spec competition car next season! Thank you everyone for being a big part of this amazing experience!

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