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Round 8 Qualifying Results!

(photo for post and background by Yukiko Yeshto)

There it begins. The heat of the battle is felt as qualifying are decided and prep for tandems begins! Wall were harsh and unforgiving for some but most pulled it through without too many issues. Here are your qualifying scores with Luke qualifying in the 1 position!

1. Luke - 99

2. Juanse - 92

3. Mason - 89

4. Yuki - 87

5. Jerek - 83

6. Kuroda - 75

7. Karlie - 74

8. Dodomeki - 58

9. Namkii - 56

Now for the exciting part! EVERYONE will be getting a 2019 Formula D2 Championship Season trophy! Anyone who competes will be awarded with a carbon trophy even if you don't make it to the Top 3 in Championship standings. That is separate reward from the round trophy. So get yourself a tandem buddy and start practising for Round 8 Tandem battles which will take place on Saturday the 26th 6pm SLT! Best of luck!

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