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Round 8: Irwindale Speedway

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

The wrap up round. Finale of the season. We're back at California where we started Formula D2 Season 2 Championship. The House of Drift is slowly warming up again for hot rubber and walls are extra solid for those taps. Get your practice laps in so you're prepared to lay down a solid qualifying run on Wednesday the 23rd. Additionally get a tandem buddy because right after, there will be tandem battles on Saturday the 26th! All taking place the usual 6pm SLT so get to grinding those walls as Irwindale Speedway has plenty of them!

We do warn you that there might be a change of layout after everything gets announced 1 week before FD2 on FD. If track has a different layout we will rush out the changes and adjust the track map accordingly. Keep on your toes and be ready to pull off Bear Grills if need be! This is indeed a small format announcement as further details needs to be verified before proceeding. Good luck!


We are indeed sticking to the same layout just a slight change to the technical map however this only concerns the judging side but for more transparency on it we will obviously share it. Hence we closely follow FD we make changes accordingly and because of the nature of the replica track we can go with real world example material so here's your info and a briefing.

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