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Round 8: Irwindale

FD2 Round 8. Ok, hold up.. It's hard to believe but.. This is it guys and girls, the last round of our first Formula D2 season. Championship is coming to an end with our last round inbound. According to standings, AC and Jerek are battling out for championship title, but that doesn't stop YOU from getting that podium of the eighth round.

Last round landed in more or less unexpectedly expected Irwindale Speedway. Full throttle off the starting line into Outside Zone 1. Our longest wall ride on a first ever 12 degrees bank. Before you know it, you will have to flick into Inside Clip 1 and out of it straight back on the Outside Zone 2 wall. Keep it consistent into Inside Clip 2 and follow through for a gentle wall tap on finish line marking Outside Zone 3.

That's your quick briefing done, now go out there and shred some tires. Qualifying runs are on Wednesday the 26th of September, 6PM SLT. Tandems to follow up on Saturday the 29th.

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