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Round 8 and Season Finale!

(Photo by Yukiko Yeshto)


New layout for Irwindale spiked things up but most of all LED lined walls and underglow probably was the spotlight of it all. Nonetheless pretty exciting little finisher of the season!

Your winners lined up as such. First place off to Jerek! Following up behind in second is Mason. Third place playoff went to Yuki after the battle with Eight!


Find them in Season 3 Standings or click here.

Next Event:

Start of the Off-Season! No events planned as of now. If Season 4 pans out, everyone has time to take a brake and chill out till April! Enjoy your off season and make a good use of it.

(Photo by Yukiko Yeshto)

We are 3 Seasons deep at this point. Crazy to think that the whole thing kicked off all the way back in 2017. It's been an amazing run.

So far we had 24 rounds. That's 24 DAYS of FD2 content right there. Consider how long before each round everyone practiced for. That adds up to hundreds if not thousands of laps.

Over these years we've scrapped and paved concrete and burnt tires on 13 different tracks.

We've seen over 50 different cars entering the competition.

Staggering amount of 72 trophies handed out to our drivers! 24 first place finishes and 48 second and third and 166 times of leaving empty handed, what a bummer lol.

Total of 216 tandem battles that had an outcome! Double the number for chase and lead and that's 432 individual runs and still that's without the OMTs!

Even more so we can average that to 2600 zones filled and that's only during the competing tandem runs that were counted. It's crazy to think how much effort has been put in by every individual driver when practicing!

On top of that we're not accounting for 2 full seasons worth of qualifying runs for each participant. You could say these tracks have seen it all at this point. FD2 has officially had 42 days of competition and before each one people practice on their own or in tandem. It's an insane amount of effort if you start quantifying the amount of runs drivers had.

Now to finish it all off we have come to an amazing end of the third season with Mason coming out on top in the first place closely followed by Namkii with a 33 point gap, basically tension till the last round. Those two been in the game since day dot and worked their way up to the top of the Championship table.

Mason has two fourth place finishes last two seasons so was a champion in the making with thirst building up, but he has made it and he's sitting at the very top of the table now.

Namkii on the other hand had an amazing season as well. He climbed through the rankings quite literally. In first season had a ninth place finish and in second seventh. It's quite a jump to end up in the fight for the first place finish in the last round of the third season!

In 3rd our most Championship trophy holding Jerek with two first place finishes last two season. I wanna say he probably started slacking after all the laurels in past seasons, but couldn't be further from the truth with how much firepower Namkii and Mason came into this season with.

The rest of the standings you can find here!

FD2 Officials would like to thank everyone for participating and sticking with us throughout all these years. What an amazing run has it been. Enjoy your off-season and see you around!

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