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Round 7 Winners!

Texas Speedway! Thanks to everyone that showed up and participated! We went to hell and back with this one. High speed, high risk and action packed; It's the track that will literally eat you up with a single slip up. That's how most of the battles went and how we have these 3 podium position winners here!

Jisatsu, Potato and Urusai. 3 team podium, always something to admire as you see your team mates win. With that in mind, if you're not in a team, there's always spaces open and marketing goes off to Jisatsu with Mason taking away the 1st place on the podium after a battle against Jerek in the finals. He ended up with the 2nd step on the podium whilst Juanse takes the 3rd. Not too many crazy stories this time around as track swallowed anyone who failed to consistently keep the pace up so for the most part it was a clear cut win or lose.

Here is the rest of the brackets for the 7th Round of the Formula D2 Championship. The final round usually is called Title Fight but looking at current Championship standings we have a clear cut winner who will be nominated as Formula D2 Season 2 Champion after Round 8 finishes back where it started, in California, at Irwindale Motor Speedway, the House of Drift. Keep your chin up as we do have attendance reward trophy that will be going out to everyone that has participated this season!

As soon as the gates are open at Irwindale Motor Speedway, start getting your practice in as this will be a fierce battle. Last round of our 2nd Season for the 3 remaining podium trophies! After that we will have an off-season so enjoy whilst it lasts! Do practice, however track layout could see some adjustments week or 2 before the actual round takes place. It is not guaranteed but keep that in mind.

Formula D2 Round 8 at Irwindale Motor Speedway

Qualifying: 23rd of October 6pm SLT

Tandem battles: 26th of October 6pm SLT

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