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Round 7 Winners!

photo by Claire (because Juanse was too fgt to give his before leaving)

Sun heating the concrete, piles of rubber swiped aside and v8s as far as I can see.... Idk, don't ask. But yes, here we are. Seventh round is down in the books and we got only one round to go. Texas Motor Speedway infield proved to be harsh and rewarding. A high speed track which can get slippery if you go bit too hard. In summary that's how the final battle winner was decided. Here we stand with 3 different teams on the podium and here's how it went.

3rd place this round goes to Mason. A well deserved victory for him as he gets the podium for his first time. Well fought through the season gradually dialling in and finally grabs the trophy. Our seventh round winner is Jerek. And let me tell you what here's a result of passive aggression. Last battle was between Jerek and AC where seemingly dominating AC ended up pushing too hard dipping tires off course multiple times. However Jerek kept it clean, consistent yet aggressive through his lead and chase which resulted in him snatching the top of the podium. And so we conclude with 2nd place going to AC who showed dominance in qualifying and did incredible job in tandems.

Hope you are looking forward to the next round as it will be the last one this season. It's coming to an end and there's only 1 track that such finale can take place in. I'll leave that thought with you, but be assured that it will be a blast.

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