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Round 7: Texas

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

We return to Texas Motor Speedway once more, and again the current state of season standings before this next to last round is as enthralling as last year. Looking back at the previous rounds' results, we can still expect some flabbergasting surprises!

Let's have a quick look on the briefing to refresh our memories:

"Texas Motor Speedway is fairly fast paced starting with the initiation into Outside Zone 1 which is right at the start of a banked turn. Your job here is pretty much floor it to Outside Zone 2. With that done you approach Outside Zone 3 and carry the momentum through Inside Clip 1. Be warned, Outside Zone 4 has a decel zone with a fairly sharp turn into Inside Clip 2; after that just power through the finish line."

PRACTICE: starts now!

QUALIFYING: September 18, 6pm SLT

TANDEM BATTLES: September 21, 6pm SLT

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