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Round 7: Texas

FD2 Round 7. Damn, just saying that feels thrilling. Thrilling to know that we've come so far. D2 biggest, longest and most organised judged event and we're at the seventh round. Already 6 rounds behind us and only 1 in front. The season is slowly coming to an end and let me tell you what, top half of standings is getting hot, with small gaps between most positions and to add to that 1st place isn't certain either.

Texas Motor Speedway is fairly fast paced starting with the initiation into Outside Zone 1 which is right at the start of a banked turn. Your job here is pretty much following the race line through Inside Clip 1 to Outside Zone 2. With that done you approach Touch & Go, but you DO NOT need to fill it completely, it's there for people to go wide and get setup for the next two clips. Be warned, Outside Clip 3 has a decel zone with a fairly sharp turn into Inside Clip 3; after that just power through the finish line.

That's your briefing on the track, now go shred some tires and get your practice in because qualifying is taking place on Wednesday the 15th of August, 6PM SLT. More info on tandem battles after qualifying, which will take place Saturday the 18th.

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