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Round 6 Winners!

Okuibuki, innocent parking area which broke hopes and dream for whoever aimed for the podium. Rough initiation over bridge, crazy transition into outside 2 and wall straight after. It tuck precision and consistency to keep it together on this course with so little room for error. This must have been the round with most OMRs as with so little room there isn't much you can pull off and likely to do a mistake instead. But we made it and here are your winners!

3rd place was secured by Jerek with his top qualifying run after his unfortunate loss to Luke. Finals brought together two driver, Luke and Kioke who managed to beat Mason who seemed on fire with near perfect runs up until then. Luke came out on top and snatched the 1st place on the podium for the first time. However there wasn't any loss for Kioke either with her first podium being 2nd place! All the way from round 1 Kioke coming inches from podium, finally snatched it. With this we have qualifying event repeating with Potato-D dominating podium in numbers but this time Toasted grabbing the number one position with and applying pressure on Potato-D from another Toasted member Mason who finished 4th.

Here are the brackets with Jerek, Kioke and Mason getting bye runs in round of 8. Hope you are looking forward to the next round as we are closing in towards the end of the season with only 2 left.

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