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Round 6: Okuibuki

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Yes FD2 is off to Japan! Thanks to Eight Blinker we have ourselves another track replica from FD series. Okuibuki, all in all a parking lot at ski resort but in world of drift its small technical course so don't underestimate it. Wide initiation over bridge into tight inside clip with immediate transition into 2 outside zones is gonna put people to the test with angle and speed control as it all picks up towards last inside clip. Fair warning, be sure to burn those tires all the way to the finish line which is half way down the road so you don't get a massive deduction.

Qualifying for Round 6 of Formula D2 at Okuibuki will begin at 6pm SLT on Thursday, June 21st! Throw down some skids and get your line dialled in before then so you can get the top spot!

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