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Round 6 and Winners!

Round 6, back to the roots. Okuibuki parking lot experienced some fierce battles. This time with 8 competitors. One by one dropped like flies until the final 2. Yuki vs Jerek. With his no less than on-point consistency he tuck the Round 6 with ease. Yuki followed up with 2nd place on the podium and Luke with 3rd.

Here are the brackets for the rest of the battles.

Qualifying part of the Round 6 went like so with style points used as a tie breaker.

Congratulations to Yuki qualifying 1st with astonishing 93 points run!

1 Yuki - 93

2 Luke - 92 style 37

3 AC - 92 style 36

4 Jerek - 88

5 S.A.G.E - 87

6 Eight - 84 style 36

7 Namki - 84 style 34

8 Kralie - 82

9 Kaiyo - 80

Here is a technical map of Okuibuki with points per sector and clips as well as decel zones

All that's left to say is get ready for the wild Texas Speedway. Rubber will get hot and sticky, add approximately a thousand horse power and you got yourself a perfect formula for a smoky Round 7. It will take place in September on 18th for qualifying and 21st for tandem battle at 6pm SLT!

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