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Round 5 Winners!

Round 5, desert with moulded road. Agha Senna. Truly historical moment for some. These were some fun and intense battles, even more so for... To clarify that a little more, as I am sort of talking in the riddles, here is how it all went with Round 5 Podium.

3rd place from beginning sat on Luke's lap. With a By run taking him straight to the semi-finals with a top qualifying score, there was no other way but up. However Yuki didn't think it was fair to just win more than that, just with a single fight. Crawling whole year up the standing of Season 1 and now Season 2 she proved that enough dedication will get you anywhere. From the bottom with top 16 finishes in Season 1 rounds, to this.. Namkii at Top 8, though battle but pulled it through. Luke at Semifinals who has been clinging onto podiums...shut down. Jerek at Finals. One battle tuck place, then one OMT later we had our winner! That left Jerek with 2nd place on the podium after battling through Eight and Mason.

You could say this was a little inspiring story that is still in the making but surely enough dedication can indeed get you somewhere. To our surprise Yuki has now shot up to 3rd place in the Season 2 Championship standings...but what will the next round bring to the table..? Okuibuki is about to sieve through our Top ranked competitors as points never been closer together, fighting for Championship podium finishes!

Here is the rest of the bracket with how battles went. Starting now we have 3 weeks left till the 6th Round of FD2. More information on that later..!

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