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Round 5 Winners!

Here we are, standing on a cloudy field with a scent of rubber in the air. Round 5 has finished and damn was it a blast! 20 people qualifying translated fairly well into tandem battles few days after and with everything running smoothly without any delays, we got another successful round in the books. New cars, new liveries and new teams emerging to pour gasoline into competition campfire. We hope everyone loved it and can't wait for the next round! Meanwhile here are your winners!!

3rd place taken by Luke with help of 1st place qualifying run after losing against his teammate Juanse. In finals Jerek snatched top step of the podium after working his way up through our pro drivers Armanno, AC and Eight, surely a tough bunch to punch through. Finally he battled against our proud second place holder Juanse who debuted previous round but had his first tandem battle only in round 5 starting it off strong with straight 2nd place on podium!

Here are the brackets with Luke getting a by run in round of 8.

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