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Round 5: Qualifying Results!

(Photo and Agha Senna website wallpaper by Yukiko Yeshto)

Despite the historical heat wave, and fewer participants due to summer holidays, we are back after a little break for the next round of FD2. This time, the challenge is happening at Agha Senna, a track that took a few of us by surprise as it turned out to be tricky if you didn't want to accidentally ride the dunes. With that being said, hopefully, the tandems on Saturday, July 27 at 6pm SLT won't end up in unexpected off road race battles!

The qualifications were closed with the following results with top qualifying position this round taken by Luke with 91 and the rest of the scores as follows:

1 Luke - 91

2 AC - 90

3 Mason - 89

4 Jerek - 85

5 Kaiyo - 83

6 Yuki - 82

7 Namkii - 79

8 Eight - 78

Here is the technical map of Agha Senna as we have missed out on an introductory announcement

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