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Round 5: Long Beach Winners!


When Round 1 becomes Round 5. Feels like the beginning and it is, but of the end. One more round to go for a full season closure. Great event turnaround with some new faces and a brand new face on the podium! Here's what we ended up with!

1st goes to Kaga who participated 1st time this season and got the 1st place, some people just get it lol! 2nd is off to Luke. 3rd has been a battle between Kuroda and Leading, with Leading snatching the win and stepping on the podium for the first time! Keep it up guys and give it all you got for the last round of the season!


Find them in Season 4 Standings or click here.

Next Event:

Round 6 will be at the house of drift, Irwindale! Event will take place on Tuesday, 26th of October 6PM SLT!

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