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Round 4: Wall Stadium Winners!

Changes to event format:

We have moved on from qualifying to shorten the event. Often enough half of the people that would qualify, wouldn't show up for tandems. So we decided to move to a single day format and focus on tandems only.


Appreciate the attendance and a whole bunch of spectators! All came down to Namkii taking the podium against Mason who earned a 2nd place and through the third place playoff Luke won against Yuki.

Highlights on Season 3 standings page!

Next event:

It will be Ebisu Nishi track! This will be a new track for the FD2 track archive and it should be pretty damn fun. It originates from the use of it in FD Japan. That said there will be another track added to the collection from FD Japan for Round 7 as well!

Thanks for participation and see in the next upcoming round 5 at Ebisu Nishi! It will take place on Sunday the 16th of August 6pm SLT

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