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Round 4 Winners!

Round 4. Let's just take a moment to appreciate the fact that we made it way half way through the season already! Now for a little summary. CRAZY! The evil Gauntlet's Wall took a few casualties but this turned out to be some right heated couple of hours of competitive drifting. Numerous OMTs held us on cliff hangers and close tandems kept us on our feet, but here are your winners! It's a podium of our 3 top qualifiers, so that just shows how getting used to the track will help you out in tandem battles and securing podium spot. It's a 3 way table as well with Peerless, Potato and Urusai teams each ending up with a podium. Third place goes to AC. For first place there was a clash between our current points leader Kaga and slacking Luke that missed 2 out of 4 rounds. With quite possibly beginners luck he managed to secure top podium spot and win the Fourth Round of Formula D2 at Wall Speedway and keeping Kaga in check who seems to be flying away in our second season standings of FD2. Will someone take her down or will she dominate as she currently holds a solid 67 points gap from 2nd contender and a whooping 127 from 3rd.

Here is the bracket for the rest of the drivers. Round 5 is over a month away so you got just enough time to get your cars fine-tuned and get your practice going. Current location for the next round is Agha Senna which was featured in last FD2 season. Here is a little preview from last year's qualifying but it is yet to be seen if we stick to it.

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