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Round 4: Wall Speedway Winners!

Photo by Todd Squall


Wall the car eater. Fortunately this time around only 1 casualty, I think people are getting accustomed to its dangers. In-fact so well that after Onemoretown it felt like we had basically no OMTs and actually everyone managed to put down some solid runs!

1st goes to Kaga who also was a top qualifier! Respectively 2nd went to Jerek who was also the 2nd best qualifier. 3rd was a battle between Lou and Eru with Eru taking the win who you would be surprised to hear, was a 3rd top qualifier! Coincidence? Or familiarity with the track and being able to drive it well. I guess practice does help and getting to be comfortable on the track should be definitely a key to victory. Keep that in mind and get your practice in, feel out the track, befriend it, spend a day with it, hangout, watch a movie, lick it, whatever it takes.


Find them in Season 5 Standings or click here.

Next Event:

Round 5 will be at Okuibuki? Event will take place on Saturday, 10th of September 6PM SLT! (next round track still on debate)

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