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Round 4: The Gauntlet

Here it is again, another round for Formula D2. This time we're in New Jersey at the Wall Stadium. The Gauntlet this time around comes with 3 right hand turns so pray for your left rear tyre. Unfortunately there isn't much time left for practice but this is the only track that wasn't officially prepared when 2019 schedule was put together. Nontheless let's get to it.

Starting off on the slope it's advised to have a gesture parking brake. Anyways, as soon as you head off from starting line, get as much speed as you can because this is the highest bank you'll have to climb and ride out throughout this season. Straight off the bank you'll have to flick into the first Inside Clip. After that you got Outside Zone 2 and what you want to do is dip your tires between yellow and white line and keep them there throughout the turn to score maximum points. That then leads into Inside Clip 2 which is another flick followed by Touch & Go. Don't spend much time there as you wan't to cut it short this time and get as close as possible to Inside Clip 3 and then past the finish.

That was a quick run through on how the track goes but in fact you're best of watching JTP who scored a 100 point qualifying run. It doesn't get better than this.

Hope Justin Pawlak inspired you with his insane run because Qualifying is taking place this Wednesday the 12th 6PM SLT so get your practice in as this won't be easy.

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