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Round 4: Okuibuki Winners!


Okuibuki ski resort, not quite the season for it, but we're still sliding sideways with way too much smoke and fun to care. Little motivation speech in last round post may have worked because it's not quite the same 1 and 2 as past rounds! Well done, keep your practice up and bring it to the next round!

Slightly more of a calm round towards the end of the summer and later in the season as you'd expect, but we're still managing. Practice sessions been running this whole time hosted by Yuki, so there is no excuse not to give it a go! Now for this round our podium is looking slightly different. 1st place is off to Luke after a battle against Yuki who receives 2nd position! 3rd place however after getting access denied into the finals, but not quite backed down, got swept by Chloe who had to battle our season leader Jerek! Amazing turnaround on this rounds podium seeing more new faces! Keep it up! Highlights: Find them in Season 4 Standings or click here. Next Event: Round 5 will be at the streets of Long Beach! Event will take place on Tuesday, 21st of September 6PM SLT!

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