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Round 3 Winners!

What an exciting round at Road Atlanta. Here it is though, Round 3 slinging out of the keyhole loop full speed ahead towards New Jersey. Beforehand let's just take a moment to appreciate the attendance and amount of participants. Almost a full top 16 which generated quite a bit of heat as battles kick off one after the other. Nonetheless we have our winner with Kaga coming out at the top battling all the way through a hard lineup of last seasons top drivers. Final battle was against top qualifier AC who then tuck the second place. Third place was awarded to Jerek who qualified second leaving Steamboy who put in some mad efforts to make it all the way to the top 4. Congratulations to our podium winners and Kaga who is currently at the top of season 2 standings!

Here are the brackets for how the rest of the battles went down. Round 4 should be taking place in New Jersey the Wall Stadium Speedway. It is yet to be constructed so expect for smaller window to get in your practice in. However next round is a whole month away so enjoy a bit of downtime until the early mid June!

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