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Round 3: Wall Stadium Winners!


Wall Stadium bank just saw some action and took some casualties, but we pushed it through! Strong note, We have a repeating 1 and 2 positions again. Get that practice in and knock them out early! We're getting dominated here.

Fairly consistent competitor numbers with some new faces coming in. We have practice session during the week, they're all listed on the homepage. Turn up and get your experience points! Nonetheless fun round, here are your winners! 1st place goes to Jerek again after again! 2nd goes to Yuki again after another again!! 3rd was a battle between Ryrai and Luke who won that battle due to an unfortunate slip up on Ryrai's side. Everyone's slowly improving and pushing forward, great runs, thanks for participating and spectating!


Find them in Season 4 Standings or click here.

Next Event:

Round 4 will be at Okuibuki ski resort parking lot! Event will take place on Tuesday, 17th of August 6PM SLT!

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