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Round 3: Road Atlanta

Here is our new home for the month. Road Atlanta. The one and only track crossing over itself so no tailgating your practice runs! Important stuff aside, we have a high speed monitored setup. First Inside Clip is your setup for the run and finishing clip as well. You're aiming to hit 5th or even 6th gear with some of the cars. Carry at least 90mph through that clip aka go ham. Then you flick in and carry through all the way into Outside Zone 1 keeping momentum (at least 40mph) through Outside Zone 2 and then scrubbing speed to hit Inside Clip 2. Aggressive transition through Touch & Go and then power it through the Inside Clip 3 to finish off your run. That is it for the insides of the track. Get your tires and yourself warmed up to the Road Atlanta because we're cracking it all down on Wednesday May 15th with Qualifying!

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