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Round 2 Winners!

Not less than 10 participants were ready and set on accepting the challenge to shred that rubber on the current fastest course of the season. Veterans, returnees and beginners gathered to show off their skills, and if any predictions about the final standings of the season could be made after this round already, then it is: "There is going to be reshuffle!" Todd started strong as highest qualifier, battling his way through to the semi-finals. However, Mason was well prepared, and after close battles, he advanced to the finals where he encountered Tony who made his first appearance this season with 3 strong, consistent battle performances all the way through from the bottom up to the finals. Both finalists gave everything but there can be only one winner in the end. Following up his strong finishing of last season, Mason made it to the top of the podium with the 1st place, and Tony went home with a well deserved 2nd place. Thanks to his impressive qualification, Todd earned his spurs with winning the 3rd place. An honorable mention deserves one of the new faces in the competition, Alex. While her qualification runs made everyone sweaty if she would be ready for the competition at all, she practised hard during the days until the actual tandem battles took place, and came back with a drastic difference in driving, showing off her efforts in improving her skills.

To check battle Replays visit season standing's page and check "view event" section. And here are the brackets!

Next up is Round 3! Ebisu Minami!

Qualifying: Tuesday 2nd of June 6pm SLT

Tandems: Sunday 7th of June 6pm SLT

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