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Round 2 Winners!

There it goes, Round 2 has finished at Ebisu Minami. Wild wall rides and crazy tandems, lacking the words for it but that was one evil wall to deal with. With that all done and dusted we have our winners. Third place goes to AC who fought his way through, but lost with some unfortunate mistakes to Kaga. On the other hand she worked her way up all the way to the finals to battle against the other side of bracket winner Luke. Finals ended up with 2 really strong lead runs just with some proximity between lead and chase being a decisive factor with Luke taking the win at Ebisu Minami circuit! Congratulations!

Here are the brackets for how the rest of the battles went. Nonetheless with Round 2 over we are on our way from Japan all the way back to America but this time East side of it in Georgia state and landing onto Road Atlanta. The massive keyhole section looping over itself. This will be some high speed tandems and you have only 2 weeks left to prepare for it so don't waste the time and start practising straight away! For Round 3 dates refer to Current Event page. Good luck and have fun!

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