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Round 2: Englishtown Winners!


Englishtown, the utter domination! Bit hefty but our two podium winners repeat.. Guys! Practice! MOAR! We can't have them up there sippin pina colada for the rest of the season!

Anyways, 2nd round, rather fun track, sliding all over the sad drag racing fans who lost the venue. It is what it is. Not gonna lie, really nice turnaround for this event. Plenty of spectators and a fairly stable competitors pool. However let's not waste time and crack on! Here are your winners! 1st place goes to Jerek again! 2nd goes to Yuki again!! 3rd was a battle between Luke and Namkii who took it away, was to be MIA this season but life works in funny ways, great to see him back however long that lasts! Great job everyone! Really good runs overall so keep at it!


Find them in Season 4 Standings or click here.

Next Event:

Round 3 will be at Wall Speedway! Event will take place on Tuesday, 13th of July 6PM SLT!

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