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Round 2: Ebisu Minami

Round two lands in Japan Ebisu Minami circuit. A slightly different version from last season with added evil wall into the equation. Get ready to take a chunk out of your right rear quarter panel as initiation starts with a jump right into the wall. That will take a few practice runs if you wish to get close, however points won't be deducted if you're not scraping. With that said just go wide at the Touch & Go and you will be set for Outside Zone 1. As you hit the first Outside Zone drop the gear on decel zone to tighten through the Inside Clip 1. Carry the leftover momentum to the Inside Clip 2 and flick into Outside Zone 2 as you'll scrub enough speed to floor it past Inside Clip 3 to the finish.

Qualifying starts 1st of May 6PM SLT, so get your practice in as it won't be an easy one.

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