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Round 1 Winners!

Back at the Long Beach throwing down tandems. Feels good to see competition brewing again. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Now what a little round did we have here. Breakthroughs left and right. The most notable one was from Namkii, one of most dedicated drivers. Starting in season 1 right from the beginning, working it every round, and here we are. Season 3, Round 1, 1st place podium finisher. How about another successful underdog story. That is pure dedication. Just for the record, throughout 3 seasons, he missed only a single round in the 1st season. That's it. He kept coming back for 16 rounds and 3 Seasons. may not sound like much but this spans nearly across 3 years. He racked up a lot of low finishes the first season, climbed to low-mid table 2nd season as he kicked up a storm in last rounds and slam-dunked the start of the 3rd Season. That is it people, dedication to fun having has finally paid off.

With that on our first place finisher, in the 2nd we have Luke and Chloe in 3rd place with qualifying points advantage over Eight. Here are the rest of the brackets!

To check battle Replays visit season standing's page and check "view event" section.

Next up is Round 2! Road Atlanta!

Qualifying: Tuesday 12th of May 6pm SLT

Tandems: Sunday 17th of May 6pm SLT

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