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Round 1 Winners!

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

photo by Jerek

First official tire shred in tandem of Formula D2 Season One. Three turns, unforgiving walls and lag. But here we are Round 1 has finished with 14 competitors participating in tandem battles. These were some wild runs, you could really tell that driving level has increased since the last season and competition became much more unpredictable.

Third place goes to Kioke who qualified higher and battled through Kyo and Eight with streak stopped by Kaga who moved on to finals. At finals it was Kaga versus Jerek with Jerek taking the win of the first round of Formula D2 Second Season.

Congratulations to our winners who gave their best at the Streets of Long Beach. However here we are moving on to the second round all the way from West Coast to Japan. New and improved Ebisu Minami course has been fitted with clips for you to start practising on. Now we got the season spooling up and there is no stopping until we finish it, so let's keep it rolling.

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