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Round 1: Road Atlanta Winners!

Updated: May 29, 2021


Road Atlanta, kicking off the Season 4 of DDC the Daikoku Drift Championship! For starting off on a new sim, there was a lack of practice time for most drivers, but still managed to lay down some solid runs! That said here are your winners! 1st place goes to Jerek! 2nd goes to Yuki and 3rd after a battle against Alex!-WHO KEY STEERS!- goes to Fatih! Who came back after 2 seasons of absence! Everyone has a shot at podiums if practiced enough, so go out there and get it done for the next round! Great job everyone, good runs, keep at it!


Find them in Season 4 Standings or click here.

Next Event:

Round 2 will be at Englishtown! Event will take place on Tuesday, 15th of June 6PM SLT!

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