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Round 1: Long Beach Qualifying Results!

Season 3 is on! The Streets of Long Beach got their fair share of tyre shred today which opened up the 3rd year of FD2. Small announcement before we dive into Round 1!

We've made several rule changes, one being making missing events easier on your season standing so be sure to check the rulebook for more info!

We had a nice turn around with even stronger runs from everyone this year. It's great to see everyone improve. Welcome back, hope everyone's fine with current circumstances but let's not dwell on it. Here's the results of qualifying that just tuck place on the 14th of April 6pm SLT.

Congratulations to Jerek who qualified at the top with a 100 point run! Here's the rest of the table.

1. Jerek - 100

2. Kaga - 99

3. Todd - 98

4. Luke - 97

5. Yuki - 96 (style 39)

6. Juanse - 96 (style 37)

7. Mason - 92

8. Namkii - 90

9. Chloe - 89

10. Armanno - 78

11. Big (formerly boxfader) - 69

Great runs everyone and see you at the Round 1 Tandems on the 19th of April 6pm SLT! Get your practice in! For a teleport to the track hit red "LM TP" button at the top right!

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