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Off-Season Bash!

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

We are midway through the off-season! I feel there's a lack of burnt tire particles in the air and it calls for an Off-Season Bash!

Bring your FD2 cars, drift spec projects, WIPs, basically whatever you got going and put it to the test on Pat's Acres Drift track! We will rendezvous 6pm SLT as usual on Wednesday the 12th of February. Call it an FD2 car meet or a tandem get together. One thing's for certain is that it's gonna get up-close and personal. No pressure, for all you care you could be getting in that hot lap as a car test but don't be surprised if someone's gonna be rubbing right up your door!

Little shiny chrome side-note. We will be handing out event stickers so you can proudly show off your attendance. Slap it on your car for others to know that you're not only there to build, but also to throw it down sideways with your drift buds during the off-season!

Teleport Now!

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