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FD2 had a Facelift!

Updated: May 13, 2020

Meet our new look! Just a little late for the season start but it was a late decision, nonetheless enjoy.

Pick up the goodies HERE!

The whole set has been updated. Make sure to update your cars as well with our new windshield banner and door name plates. Suit yourself with whichever you like the most and whichever goes the best with your livery!

On that note Drivers page has been updated too with new look to the profiles. We now do seasonal resets so make sure to maintain and keep them up to date via registration form!

We wish you all the best with our brand new start of the season and keep it chill during these difficult times!

Here's a little spicy meatball from last season's Road Atlanta, Kaga vs AC! It is our next round starting in May, so get ready for it!

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