Formula D2 2019 Schedule

It is time to mark the start of the Formula D2 Season 2. To kick things off, we have already scheduled all 8 rounds. Hopefully knowing schedule before hand will help more people to show up at the events. If feeling extra dedicated can even book a day off from work. Ay it's a competitive sport..more or less...don't judge.

Lately we also had quite a few shops release gutted interiors, dashes and other race spec parts. This has resulted in a variety of different gutted drift and race spec vehicles being built either from inspiration or preparation for upcoming FD2 season. Its never been this exciting with more and more drivers building gutted high horsepower cars and with overall driving level increasing. This will surely be an exciting season and we are definitely looking forward to it.

That aside we have improved and updated few things. However as a participant you only need to make sure you got car that is up to spec. Everything you need to know is listed in the rule book but hence it's start of the season, we'll introduce it to you right here.

Car specifications:

Mass: 100-200

Gravity: 1.0

Friction: 0.6

Transmission: 5 speed, 6, 6f, 6+

Script memory: Under 1500kb

Allowed addon scripts:

Limited Slip Differential


2000LG, 1500R Turbo or Auda Pro Turbo v3.6 and newer (1.3-1.35 range)

Car appearance (preferred but not mandatory):

Formula Drift Style Livery

FD2 Banner on Windshield

Roll Cage

In addition make sure your skidplate is functioning properly and doesn't catch on a track as it is part of the reasons why you may receive an incomplete run during the competition.

For now that is pretty much it. We approximately have a month left till the start of the season which will kick off on the Streets of Long Beach. We hope you had a good off-season, however it's time to dust your old car off, finish up that livery or add those finishing touches to your new season build and start getting some practice in. We are glad to announce that Long Beach replica has been rezzed out and it is located @2700. I don't know about you but I'm getting well excited for this. Good luck.