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Brand New(s)

Updated: May 18, 2021

Brand new season, brand new sim, brand new brand, brand brand new brand new new brand. (I bet you got lost trying to read that)

Let's catch you up-to-date on what's been going on. As you noticed, there hasn't been anything during the off-season of FD2. Apologies for that but we've been keeping ourselves busy, and here's the list.

FD2 rebrand to DDC

Formula D2 has been rebranded to Daikoku Drift Championship. We've decided to drift away branding wise from FD and have something different. Our competition format isn't following FD as closely anymore. We are also looking to expand community to different games like Assetto Corsa and Torque Drift. Get some casual drift session down the road and just chill.

Grab DDC rebrand package here.


We've opened a new sim! From now on DDC will be hosted at Daikoku. This offers a whole another sim for D2 community to chill at and have more variety in addition to Tokagoya. The more the merrier. It is still in the works and we're still missing quite a few things that have been planned, but sim should flesh out as time goes on.

To reach the sims, website header contains buttons for Daikoku and Tokagoya. LMTP button is for current DDC event location.

Move to 0.6

Another thing we've been testing out was 0.6 and new DDC season is moving to it. Hope you followed few notices that been sent out about it and started converting your cars. There has been a new version of handbrake released that is compatible with 0.6. We recommend playing around with available "classic" mode setting of 0.6 as new LSD behaves slightly differently depending which mode you're in.

All the scripts have been linked in D2 Help page.

Round 1: Road Atlanta

Start of the new season. Season 4 and we're kicking it off in Road Atlanta. Competition will take place on Tuesday, 25th of May. The usual time 6pm SLT. Get your 0.6 conversions in and hit the track for some practice runs. If wanna check for any changes and adjustments, go over rulebook. Whatever has been changed is in yellow.

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