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Okuibuki, all in all a parking lot at ski resort, but in the world of drifting it's a small technical course so don't underestimate it.

Track Briefing

Wide initiation over bridge into tight inside clip with immediate transition into an outside zones followed by touch & go and then finesse your way full speed ahead through last Inside Clip 2 and past finish line. It's that rapid fire with this one, get that practice in, you'll need it. Very technical with tight tandems, not much overall speed to pick up here but there is no room for error. Practice, can not stress this enough. Nail your initiation so it carries you through the coming inside clip so you don't have to correct yourself. Be weary of close proximity to the bridge wall in that part, that's why it's important to set yourself from the get go. Caution at transition between i1 to o2 as well, you are likely to be at low rpm and stall so manage your gears and angle. Please also do finish the run or its an incomplete for not smoking tires till the finish line.


Saturday, 10th of September 6pm SLT

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