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Irwindale, the House of Drift. It has been under a threat of getting demolished, but yet it stands, true oval coliseum of drift. The one and only track that will lay to rest any quarrel at the end of every season of DDC.

Track Briefing

Starting off on the slope it's advised to have a gesture parking brake. Get ready for this, we're going full speed ahead into a very large Outside Zone 1, the exit from it will make it or brake it, pick the right line tightening it towards Inside Clip 1 so you don't drop tires off course during the transition into Outsize Zone 2. Another fun wall to ride out but we push away from it for Inside Clip 2, keep it tight around it as you're coming up against a wall which may not spare you any space to transition if you're too wide. This will be the last setup to ride out last Outside Zone 3 and through the finish line!


Saturday, 22th of October 6pm SLT

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