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Drag strips, what a thing of the past. Like the many that exist in SL and died off, this one did too. From a drag strip into a drift course. From a line to a figure eight, oh how rebelious.

Track Briefing

Starting off right under the building we head to OZ1, keep your momentum to carry it across the strip and down shift for the OZ2 as you'll be coming in hot. Right back across the strip, graze the wall and we're up to fly past OZ3 into IC1. Transitioning through the strip towards IC2 you'll be blind for the coming clip, but trust, if you don't shift down there you'll wash the rest of the run. Last remaining swoop is towards and past T&G that is a painted area on the strip and that should take you right across the finish line.


Saturday, 18th of June 6pm SLT

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