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Ebisu West is well known for its "Nishi Short" layout with insane tandem trains. The rest of the course which has a much longer back end than FD2 Replica is used for grip races but it's overshadowed by D1GP.

Track Briefing

Starting off on the slope it's advised to have a gesture parking brake. Anyways, as soon as you head off from the starting line you have a long straight, followed by a hard handbrake pull or a flick into the Inside Clip 1. With the most dangerous decel zone for contact out of the way it's pedal to the medal through Outsize zone 2. After that you got Outside Zone 3, this is more of a setup for Inside Clip 2 so make sure to flick into it to just fill it and set yourself a good line onward. If you did your best with the line setup it should be easy as to pass Inside clip 2 and through the finish line in a smooth arch.


Tandems: Tuesday, 18th of August 6pm SLT

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